Integrative Life Coaching Services

Integrative Life Coaching blends a variety of approaches that are dynamically tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

The main methods of service delivery are shown below and apply to both Personal Coaching and Business & Executive Coaching clients. The various methods of service delivery can be combined to meet your personal needs.

Face-to-Face Coaching

As good communication involves a large non-verbal component, this is the preferred mode of coaching.

Face-to-Face Coaching appointments can be arranged at a mutually convenient location in Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex or London, if suitable for confidential coaching. 

Each Face-to-Face Coaching appointment typically lasts for 1 hour but can be for any duration from 45 minutes up to 2 hours, usually on a weekly basis initially.  In some locations, appointments may be available by the hour only.

Payment will normally be requested at the end of each Face-to-Face appointment unless special arrangements have been made prior to the appointment.

There is no obligation to continue after each appointment.

Telephone Coaching

If travel constraints make Face-to-Face appointments difficult, Telephone Coaching appointments can be offered instead.  Telephone Coaching can also complement Face-to-Face Coaching if weekly meetings are not feasible.

Telephone Coaching appointments typically last up to 1 hour and are available across the UK and internationally.

Payment will be required in advance of each call.

There is no obligation to continue after each appointment.

Online Coaching

Coaching appointments can also take place online via webcam video or a public chat system.  In addition coaching can be offered without a regular appointment and in your own time via e-mail.  Online Coaching is available across the UK and internationally.

Web Video Coaching is conducted via a webcam on Skype or MSN.  This mode of delivery offers many of the benefits of Face-to-Face Coaching whilst saving you the time and cost of travel.  You will need a computer, webcam, headset/microphone and access to Skype or MSN in order to use this service.

Online Chat Coaching will suit you if you prefer to write rather than talk during your appointment.  Online Chat Coaching combines the spontaneity of a coaching conversation with the opportunity to express yourself in writing and to reflect on the conversation both during and after the coaching appointment.  This method is also valuable if you have difficulty finding a private place to talk by telephone or webcam. You will need access to a computer with a public chat system, such as MSN Messenger or SkypeChat in order to use this service.

Appointments for Web Video Coaching and Online Chat Coaching typically last 1 hour and usually take place weekly, at least initially. 

E-mail Coaching is a more flexible option that is especially suitable for people who find it difficult to arrange a regular appointment and who are comfortable communicating in writing.  You will need access to a private e-mail address to use this service.

E-mail Coaching does not involve regular appointments.  Instead, this service is provided on a weekly or monthly basis following an initial telephone consultation (free of charge).  Your e-mails will usually receive a reply within 72 hours.

Payment will be required in advance for all Online Coaching services.  E-mail Coaching is charged on a weekly or monthly basis, according to the service required.

To discuss your requirements or to book an appointment, please contact Nilay.