Business & Executive Coaching

As most successful people know, personal and professional development is too important to be left to employers: it is ultimately up to you! 

Business and Executive Coaching places your development at the top of your agenda and in your own hands.

Business & Executive Coaching tends to focus on business and work-related issues.  Some people gain a "breathing space" to break free from the inevitable constraints of organisational objectives, expectations, politics and roles and to explore important matters with a fresh perspective and creativity - in confidence.

If you are at the top of an organisation, as a Chairman, Chief Executive or Director, you are likely to face additional issues by virtue of your unique position in your organisation and you are likely to benefit from hiring an objective confidant.

Where coaching is offered directly to an individual, the situation regarding confidentiality is usually clear. If an organisation or employer wishes to sponsor an individual for coaching, we will need to clarify further details including expectations regarding confidentiality and the extent of feedback to sponsoring management.

Examples of typical issues covered in Business & Executive Coaching include:

- improving awareness of how you personally impact organisational success

- leadership and communication

- managing difficult situations inherited from predecessors

- finding, hiring and retaining talented individuals

- individual, team or business unit motivation and performance management

- building employee commitment and loyalty

- personal and team stress management

- priority / time management and delegation

- work / life / health balance

- planning and managing career goals

- networking

- managing relationships, families and careers

To discuss your situation or for more information, please contact Dr Pandit.